Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Under construction as the update is very recent

TSPU, which is also affiliated with CERN, started to write about their activities in connection with the war.

мы вместе – we are together

The institute started to post their activities under the tag #мывместе (latin: myvmeste) – we are together. This refers clearly to the war as many articles and also titles refer to it (“special operation”, the Russian propaganda term for war) including all the hashtags on the landing page of the institute (!). Under this tag are also the pro-invasion statements of the University.

Website of TSPU with the new #мывместе tag used for the war. The other words are #zaмир, meaning “for (za) the World (мир)” (mixing Latin “za” with Cyrillic мир, probably to use the “z” in support of the invasion), #Россия meaning Russia, #своих не бросаем meaning “We don’t leave our own behind” and #времяпомогать meaning “Time to help”. All tags are clearly pro-invasion.

Indoctrination of students

Amongst the news is a site which claims to have taught students how to recognize fake news. It suggests very strongly however that they were actually indoctrinated: told that actual facts are fake.

Full statement with explanations and translation from the TSPU website.

Movie on refugees

They created a 20 minutes movie about refugees from the Luhansk and Donezk region (video). The content was not yet analysed.