Saint Petersburg State University

Propaganda lecture

The SPBU has created an online course (link) on the recent history of Ukraine (announcement). By creating an account, anyone can take part and listen to it.

We’ve summarized and copied the transcript here, there is part 1 and part 2.

In summary, the lecture is pure propaganda. It picks up the well known narrative that Ukraine is actually not a state but Ukraine, Belarus and Russia should be one nation (see also the reason for the invasion). It contains a lot of simply wrong statements and hand waving arguments that simply don’t hold up. The whole piece is far from any scientific history lecture but rather a wild reasoning on why Ukraine should be Russian, simply speaking.
Summary: The highlight is surely the sentence that “[…] Russia is not an enemy to Ukraine” – published in the middle of march 2022. Just this sentence alone disqualifies not only the lecturer himself but also the University: this is not science. This is pure propaganda.

Meeting to repeat propaganda

Scientists had a meeting with argentinian colleagues to discuss the attack on Ukraine (article). They make many propaganda claims including that NATO is a threat and broke the agreement on non-east expansion: (translated) “In 1990, NATO Secretary General […] noted that the fact of readiness not to deploy troops [more eastern than Germany] gives the Soviet Union firm security guarantees” and that it was broken. He seemingly does not realise in the statement that the Soviet Union doesn’t exist anymore since over 30 years and that things have dramatically changed since.