Russia Ukraine War

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NEWS: sadly, the content of the side doesn’t need to be corrected or updated. Russia is going it’s predicted path to make Ukraine part of it’s own by distributing passports.

What can be found here
The goal is to inform on the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The site aims at being neutral and collecting the facts – however, the facts also speak a clear language in this case. Most notably, the United Nations – the probably most legitimate organization – gave a clear statement condemning the war.

The topics are mostly tailored towards an audience coming from a more “western” media background, bringing up arguments and giving an overview over the lesser known elements of this war or about claims that are often misunderstood.

Why is this website needed?

The ongoing war is not only a war on the ground. It is also a war about information and includes targeted spread of disinformation. A tool that Russia has used increasingly and systematically in the last years. This includes sometimes simply blatant lies that far exceed the level of propaganda what average “western” media may report.

Amongst others, alleged reasons for the invasion such as the western audience targeted claim about NATO’s eastward expansion, the Russian audience targeted claim of denazification of Ukraine and the actual reason for invasion are discussed. With it, the view of Russia and it’s systematic disinformation campaign are elaborated. All is presented as a compact summary of many different sources.

We encourage strongly to do your own searches; the site serves as a path finder that provides an overview and the most important arguments.

What is actually going on?

While there are many sources that cover parts of the whole war – going back to 2014 – Wikipedia has a quite well and extensive, yet brief description of all the events. Motivation for the war is collected here.

What Russia actually wants
Russia wants Ukraine to be part of its own and under its control, it definitely doesn’t want it to be a stable, sovereign democratic state. Therefore, Russia also opposes that NATO ever guarantees this sovereignty.
The problem
Ukraine doesn’t want to be controlled by or part of Russia (especially after Russia invaded in 2014, destabilized and pressured it).
Russia’s approach
If someone doesn’t want, there’s just one way left: to use force. In other words, a full scale invasion.

For scientists

There is a page for scientists specifically to describe some statements of institutes and where to get help or how to provide help.